Norges 15 mest lovende selskaper





Gründerbloggen presenterer eksklusivt: «by:Larms utvalgte»

Med forsvinnende få tegn til at oljen skal opp til gamle høyder prismessig, haster det mer enn noensinne å få opp de nye selskapene som skal bære oss videre som nasjon. Det er det mange som har forstått, så også by:Larm. De har fulgt med i timen og tiden, og har derfor valgt ut et knippe selskaper som vil bli invitert til by:Larm, samt koblet til investorer og hvor det passer også bli inkorporert på selve by:Larm i en eller annen form.

by:Larm har ved flere anledninger vist at de kan trekke frem band tidlig i karrieren og gi de en plattform for nasjonal og også internasjonal suksess. Hvis de kan klare å få til bare halvparten av det samme innenfor innovasjon og teknologi, så står vi ovenfor et spennende 2015.

Vi presenterte tidligere at Unacast var en av by:Larms utvalgte, og vi kan nå gjennom E24 som det første mediet i Norge også avsløre de andre som er plukket ut. Vi kjenner godt flere av selskapene på listen her, og kan med hånden på hjertet si at disse vil prege nyhetsbildet i årene som kommer. Og det aller mest lovende; det er mange, mange flere gode selskaper der ute som ikke er på listen.

Oljeprisen kunne ikke stupt på et bedre tidspunkt. Vi er klare for å ta over.


Her er by:Larms egne ord om de utvalgte selskapene:


Biometrics: remember the word, this is the future, so they say. Fingerprint sensors such as those found in the iPhone 6 are based on biometrics. Likewise, Zwipe replaces pin codes with fingerprints in credit cards and key cards. If no one steals your thumbs, then this is a safe and effective way for you to pay in the future. Mastercard is already hooked.


This is for shipping and containers, but also a key to reveal which ship owners are carrying containers most cheaply, and which ones are skimming too much off the top. Less profit to frothy shipowners, in other words. The next move is to collect environmental information on each vessel.


Kahoot! has received mass coverage lately, and has a trillion users, manly pimply teens with voices breaking like Auto-Tune. But hey, the kids are the future – they know shit we don’t. To make it simple, Kahoot! is an online tool to ask questions to a group of students, as well as creating a competition between participants, using a scoring list. Rumours argue that Kahoot! is a good party app, hence the exclamation. By:larm should be a great place to put that theory to the test.


An app for movie enthusiasts – and who’s not one of those? – Filmgrail provides an overview of movies available for streaming. If the desired film is available, the user gets an overview of the services that offer streaming of selected items. Pop some corn and sit back and relax.


A Scanpix contestant, Yay is an image archive that collects all photo rights in one place. The question is then, how much is an Avedon, or a Capa?


To cut a long story short, the point of Zoaring is to cut a long story short. It does this through simple cartoons or ‘videoscrables’. The films produced are brief and informative, hopefully making difficult things a little easier or on the other hand, giving weight to simple things. It’s a perfect communication tool for social media.


A jury favourite, this. SuperPlus develops tools and educational games designed for children with special needs. The goal is to improve communication between parents, teachers and children.


Sick of doing presentations? Swipe is the solution. Control the elevator pitch using only two fingers on a pad, or any other device, anywhere, live to anyone. Sell sell sell!


The buzzword ‘Beacons’ enables businesses to communicate with their customers in ‘real time’ based on the customer’s physical location. (It’s these beacons, being placed all around us these days, that locate our whereabouts.) If the notion of corporate chains and franchises accumulating lots of data on you – like how you take your flat white at your local barista in the mornings – sounds stressful, beacons can remove some of the angst. It can be to your advantage, as It’s an efficient and silent way of communicating with both the digital and the physical world.
Downloads and streaming have pushed musicians out on the road again, to play concerts to earn their living and pick up a groupie or two. Now the clever individuals at have made the concerts itself into a streaming music video service. The music lover can watch the concert live at home, alone or with others as virtual audience which again can interact with each other online, even giving digital applause, or ‘dig-its’ as they call it. Encore! The only appropriate attire is plastic glasses for your beer and mud on your carpet. The future for the factual concert experience – live, not “live” – no one knows.


Capsule FM
At this point in time this is the closest we can get to HER – yes, that flirty silicon chick in Spike Jonze’s movie. Have Capsule FM wake you up in the morning with a therapeutic voice and then take you through your day.


This is said to be the soccer fanatic’s answer to Spotify. Watch clips from the latest games, put together your own trailer, share this with other fans. Drink beer.


A magical little box that will do wonders for video conferences. The jury is waiting in anticipation.


This is the app where we humans can mark our territory. Leave small soundtracks in the world with a compass based interface that others can detect and tune into. Perfect as guides to museums, city walks, and not least, to make small love anecdotes behind a big oak in the park. Swiss knives are not needed anymore on dates.


In 2011 Dirty launched the online game Fun Run. Since then the game has been downloaded over 50 million times. Last year the company had sales in excess of 23 million, and it reported a profit of 16.5 million. Just before Christmas they launched sequel, Fun Run 2, which at one point was the most downloaded app in the US.




How will general elections be held in the future? Or any election, ballot vote or discussions? Students at NTNU have developed a simple tool to ask questions and get answers as percentage points. More debate, more democracy and hopefully a means to challenge our views on different issues.


A tool for artists and composers to maintain and save the creative process in the art of composition: put down rough ideas, beats, bridges and harmonies, share them with fellow musicians, collaborate and make music. A competitor to… well, what do most artists use now, the voice recorder app?


The interactive pelvic floor exerciser for women. Pelvic fitness is hot right now, from Ben Wa balls to squeezable shapes and kegels. Loop is a complete fitness system that provides real-time results, ergonomically shaped to fit a woman’s body, connected to Bluetooth via a free app which gives you visual feedback. This is not a sex toy.